About Us

bass fishing apparel

Three friends. A global pandemic. A weekly guy’s night visit to neighborhood ponds. That’s how it all started. 

Fishing provided the outlet we needed to be outside, enjoy the weather and breathe some fresh air. We don’t know about you, but we’ve never had a bad time on the water.  You could get skunked, catch some dinks or you might even land your personal best--either way, it beats sitting on the couch. 

In appreciation of these great times together and a desire to create something new and fresh, we decided to start a company-Suburban Bass.  We want to create unique and well-designed products, with an emphasis on attention to detail. The journey has already been energizing, and we’re looking forward to executing our vision of providing fishing-inspired apparel to all levels of anglers.  

In addition, we plan to partner with surrounding communities with a focus on encouraging kids to get outside and fish while promoting taking pride in our local waterways. 

Hopefully, we’ll see you out there.

Get Into It.